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Florida Realty Media

Central Florida Real Estate Photography, Aerial Photography, 3D Tours/Matterport, and Walkthrough Videos

We are your one-stop solution for all your Real Estate Photography needs. We provide fantastic results with amazing customer service at unbeatable prices

Your photos will cause a WOW factor in your potential customers, our goal is to create impressive content to generate an emotional connection between your listing, and your potential buyers.


Our Services

Florida Realty Media specializes in a variety of marketing and media solutions for the Real Estate industry. We are located in Highlands County and we serve the cities of Sebring, Avon Park, and Lake Placid. (Venus and Lorida are excluded). We also provide services in Polk County and Hardee County for an additional fee.

Interior / Exterior Photography

Our amazing magazine-quality images will spark the interest of local potential buyers and will allow you to reach a broader audience of out-of-state buyers that do not have the opportunity to see the house in person before buying. Our images will also make your brand stronger and will help you portray yourself as an agent that produces quality work and will use every tool available to market the houses that you manage.

Aerial Photography

With the use of Drones, we are able to provide your buyers with a unique perspective from their future home. Aerial photography allows you to highlight features of the property in an impressive and eye-catching manner. But we don't stop at only the property, but we will also display the amenities of the community, property delimitation, and positive location features with our drone photos.

3D Tours / Matterport

Using the latest technology, 3D Tours allows your buyers to engage with your properties in a way that no other media allows them to do so. Your visitors will be able to explore your property in their own time and will generate a sensation of being on-site which helps establish a connection with the property. With Matterport your buyers will also be able to explore the property using the Dollhouse feature.

Aerial / Walkthrough Videos

Our videos go further than just displaying the property, we will create a full-motion cinematic video that will include music and audio effects to tell a story about your property. These videos allow for further engagement and will help establish an emotional connection between your potential buyers and your property. This method is especially effective for luxury properties and properties with plenty of land.

MLS Listing Pricing


* Up to 2000 sqft

* Complete Coverage. 1-3 Photos per Room (based on size)

* FREE Aerial /Exterior Photos (Up to 5 photos)

* More than 2000 sqft?

$25 x extra 1000 sqft

* FREE Rescheduling due to Weather Conditions

* 48H Turnaround

MLS Ready Package


* Up to 10 Photos 

* High Resolution /

HDR Photos

* FREE Rescheduling due to Weather Conditions

* 24-48H Turnaround



* Up to 2000 sqft

* More than 2000 sqft?

$25 x extra 1000 sqft

* 6 months hosting included

* FREE Rescheduling due to Weather Conditions

* 24-48H Turnaround

3D Tours



* 60 second video

* Full Motion Cinematic Video

* Delivered as YouTube link and .mp4 file

* Edited, color graded and synced to licensed music

* FREE Rescheduling due to Weather Conditions

Cinematic Video


* For properties of up to 3000 sqft

* Displays the layout of the property

* Includes Approximate Measurements

* Easy to upload to the MLS as a .jpeg file.

Add-On: Floorplan


* Pricing per photo

* Can be taken at any time of the day

* Excellent for front listing photo

* Includes Sky and Grass Replacement when needed

Add-On: Twilight

Commercial Work (Including Airbnb and Vrbo)

* Please contact us to get a quote

Get more views, sell faster, and get more out of your listing.


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